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  • Dylan Horn

3 Types of Video to Help Boost Your Marketing Efforts

You understand that video marketing is necessary to implement into your business practices, but, now, where do you start? What type of video would best tell your story, explain your services or connect with your consumers? In this post, I'll explain 3 different types of video that should be put to use in your marketing efforts to engage your audience and drive your sales.

1. Video Business Card

When you get the opportunity to give a business card to someone, it usually means that there is some general interest in your services or contact information for future reference. While personally pitching your services and exchanging information is always a better way to close a deal, what if you could do this to thousands of people at a time? A Video Business Card is a cinematic video that tells the story of your company. It dives deep into the why of your business and really explains what drives you to bring value to your consumers. Girls Inc. came to Northeast Visuals in September of 2020 hoping to explain the impact they have on the Worcester community. A Video Business Card was the perfect video type for them to discuss their mission of helping to serve girls in the community. Take a look.

2. Social Media Ad

Once you have your Video Business Card in place, it's important to capture parts of your business that will attract new customers or clients. This can be done through social media videos that highlight your process, services and equipment. Social Media Ad videos are usually shorter and last anywhere between 30 seconds - 1 minute. They are fast-paced and have engaging transitions or titles so that the viewer remains captivated throughout the entire video and doesn't lose interest. These ads are also formatted to best suit which social media pages you're most likely to post them on. For example, we created this ad for Perrone Landscaping as a way for them to wish everyone a Merry Christmas - check it out.

3. Event Recap Video

Event recap videos are extremely valuable when you want to document what your business is currently up to. As has been discussed in the last blog, good copy on a website just doesn't cut it anymore. A potential client or customer would much rather watch a video of your recent event as opposed to read about it. This allows your company to come to life, show your personality and really engage your viewers about the impact your company has. Annual outings, hosted events, and office get-togethers are all great things that can be captured on video and will not only help you form new relationships, but will also give your employees something to brag about. Community Outreach Partners, or COMORP, brought us in last year to film their involvement at the Nike Coaches Clinic, where they talked to coaches about how their service could help their players thrive at the collegiate level.


Adding your company personality with video marketing is something that every company should do as the digital world only continues to grow. These 3 video types are only just a few of the ways your company story can be shared with your fans as well as potential clients. If you're struggling on which video type is best for your story, don't hesitate to reach out for a free consultation.

Northeast Visuals is a commercial video production company that helps tell your story and convert your video marketing efforts into new clients. We are based in Worcester, MA and have served clients in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

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